EXPLORE ways to deal with feelings of boredom and the urge for excitement and figure out what is important to you!


DISCOVER how to be less susceptible to negative thinking and realize what you want!


UNDERSTAND you can manage being stressed out about feeling anxious and bring what is important to you into your longer-term plans!


Click on the session titles for examples of illustrations and graphics that can assist youth interact with personal experiences.

  • About You
  • Discover
  • Identify
  • Challenge
  • Accomplish


Everyone can feel overwhelmed sometimes. Each story in the program is a summary of real life experiences shared by teenagers in Canada.

“One of the things that makes us who we are is our ability to share. Each and every one of us has a gift. One day you will find it and use it in a good way.”

– Elder John Stonechild, Cree of Okanese First Nation, Saskatchewan

The SEEING ONESELF® program is currently used by Youth Justice Services and Addiction Services of PEI, the RCMP and their school / community partners in policing jurisdictions of the Atlantic and Prairie regions in Canada. Its application operates on the concept of early identification and supportive youth intervention. A personality targeted approach is widely used and has been well documented in published addictions / psychology literature.

“I am truly impressed with this program. It is well made and the kids relate to the examples very well.”

– Addictions Counselor, New Brunswick