Important to Youth

When you bring what is important to you into your action plan it is like rewarding yourself for taking an important step toward accomplishing your goals!

“Respect is a two way street. If you want respect you must offer it.”

– Elder Lorraine Yuzicapi, Dakota of Standing Buffalo First Nation, Saskatchewan


About You

“One of the things that makes us unique is our ability to share. Each and everyone of us has a gift. One day you will find it and use it in a good way.”

– Elder John Stonechild, Cree of Okanese First Nation Saskatchewan

The teachings of Elder Lorraine and Elder John celebrate each individual’s ability to share. He also declares you are gifted and believes you will find your gift. Using your gift in a good way involves your ability to share. This program focuses on your interests and things that are important to you. Sharing your gift can help you turn what is important to you into action. You can learn to pay special attention to alternative ways of thinking to help you accomplish your goals.


This illustration is a reproduction of the cover from a Book of Poetry written by youth. Here with permission and thanks to all those who contributed from the Manitoba Youth Center, Winnipeg.

“This speaks to me personally because I thought negative thinking was the only way to think. I like the idea that there can be more than one way to think.”

– RCMP Constable S. Van Wilgenburg, BC