Cultural Contributions

“One of the most important teachings in the eye of the Creator is that we are all related. Whether you are black, white, red, yellow, it doesn’t matter, we are all related.”
– Elder Robert Bellegarde, Assiniboine First Nation of Little Black Bear Saskatchewan


Elder Robert Bellegarde celebrates all our relations. The story characters in this program are named for wolves of many cultures.
The crane illustration is in loving memory of Mary, Sun Dance Child, and her contribution to the SEEING ONESELF® program.

Aboriginal Elders and other cultural advisors share traditions and teachings as an important grounding for the SEEING ONESELF® process. For example, each session can integrate attitudes and insights (Spirit), skills (Body), knowledge (Mind) and feelings about self or others (Heart). Elder Harry Francis shares ways to help with the balance of Spirit, Body, Mind, and Heart:

“The Talking Circle, like the sweat lodge, helps in all four areas of the Medicine Wheel, they help with balance. The Circle can open with a smudge and a prayer, and the Elder’s teaching. This approach can help youth go through the four areas of the Medicine Wheel, the physical taking care of themselves, the spiritual teachings, the emotional taking care of themselves, and the intellectual learnings around the impact of the personality dimension on decision-making, emotions and behavior.”
– Elder Harry Francis, Cree of Piapot First Nation, Saskatchewan